06 Jan

GoPro Remote V2

GoPro Remote v2

Robert Stefanowicz has been working on the second version of a GoPro remote with a display and buttons. On Euerdesign, he wrote a tutorial on how to get your own cheap and powerful GoPro remote. In this remote, he actually etched his own PCB from a layout printout. The following items are required for this tutorial:

one sided PCB plate for etching
safety glasses and gloves
50g sodium persulphate (N06CG)
some pin headers
1x 6 pin OLED Display (GND, VCC, SCL, SDA, RST, D/C)
3x pushbuttons
1x ESP8266 ( I used the 07, but 12 should work aswell)
3 x 33kOhm SMD resistors
1x AMS1117 voltage regulator 3,3V
1x USB to TTL converter
some jumpercables for programing
soldering iron (if you dont own one, stop reading here, close this page )
plastic vessel for etching
a piece of a glossy magazine
Laminator or Iron
little boards saw
0.3 mm PCB drill
drilling machine with stand
spirit or alcohol
rough spongeEuerdesign.de

PCB Etching

PCB Etching

For more details on the tutorial, please follow the link: GoPro Remote V2.

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